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Thank you for visiting our blog.  We intend to provide you with tips, tools, and tricks that make it easy for you to manage the complicated world of human resources.

For more information on our company, please watch our video or visit www.corepeopleresources.com.

If you are looking for simple, affordable, and as-needed support for the human resource side of your business, then you might want to visit our OnLine Store, www.HRKnowledgeBase.com.

The store is designed to make it easy for you to:

  • Quickly find answers for your HR questions
  • Understand how to solve your toughest HR problems
  • Customize documents, forms, policies, and programs for immediate use for your company
  • Ensure legal compliance through attorney-approved forms, policies, guides and other products
  • Get your questions quickly answered through our Live Personal Shopper or via e-mail with each purchase
  • Buy quality products at an affordable price
  • Tap into top-notch industry knowledge and experience through products created by senior-level HR experts

185 AJK Blvd, Lewisburg, PA 17837

Email if you’d like us to blog on something special.

HRKnowledgeBase – Simplifying HR with just a click.TM

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