Job Description Templates

Writing job descriptions is simple–but don’t be caught off guard.

If you decide to write job descriptions, you have everything you need in these videos and links to do so (below). Or you can save time and money by purchasing written job description templates directly from our store,

To begin, a short video on the importance of job descriptions:

Marc Mencher from covers job responsibilities in less than a minute in this verbal job description as he uses to reach his targeted audience of potential new hires.

Job descriptions are essential to all businesses, regardless of size, because they inform employees of their job responsibilities, establish employee accountability, and improve job performance. Position descriptions are also used as when hiring employees, conducting performance appraisals, applying disciplinary action, and firing employees.

Read our blogs on Writing Job Descriptions or Should I use Job Description Templates or Write my Own Job Descriptions?

Now, a comprehensive video (5+ minutes) that reviews how to write a job description from scratch.

And last, a copy of a sample job description.

Be sure and visit our store, You will be amazed that you can customize our job description templates in the time it took to watch some of these videos!

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