How to Use Twitter | Mastering Twitter in 10 Easy Steps

For our followers, we created a How to use Twitter Guide to help you quickly master twitter basics and organize your social media before it becomes overwhelming and you lose sight of why you wanted to tweet in the first place. This Master Twitter in 10 Easy Steps Guide will quickly help coordinate your twitter activity whether you only want to follow a few people or it your goal is to have thousands of followers.

Some of the principles in our How to Use Twitter guide also apply to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social networks.  Happy tweeting!

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6 Responses to How to Use Twitter | Mastering Twitter in 10 Easy Steps

  1. In business with work hard expecting good feedback and we forget to belief that our effort have to be paid.

    • Victoria Mavis says:

      So true. And we’ve learned that sometimes ‘getting paid’ is later in the relationship when folks refer other folks to us.

  2. Whoever sent this to me am very grateful to that person

  3. Great information! I share with other.

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