Why Hire a Consultant | Five Reasons Why Hiring Consultants Can Increase Profits

Whether you are the manager who makes the decisions on how to allocate money or you’re in the position to question how money is being spent, knowing the benefits of ‘why hire a consultant’ will simplify the process and lead to greater levels of profitability.

Here are five reasons that companies profit as they hire a consultant for their business.

  1. Consultants have the experience, expertise, and time that employees often lack.  In today’s workplace, time and skill demands are continually increasing and companies have a difficult time hiring enough qualified people to keep up with routine and on-going responsibilities. Often organizations hire a consultant when special projects arise to tap into their experience, expertise, and commodity of time.
  2. Consultants provide flexibility.  You can hire a consultant for the short-term and let go when the specific job is complete. These independent contractors have the ability to work anytime; day, night, weekends, or holidays, days when hired employees may not be able to complete the task. When you hire a consultant they serve their purpose and depart.
  3. When you hire a consultant, they offer a fresh, objective point of view.  As with any situation, getting a fresh perspective is always good. Employees may be too close to a given situation to see a clear solution. Whereas consultants, possessing a myriad of experience from previous assignments bring those resources to the table and get the job done.
  4. Consultants are more efficient.  To hire a consultant is to focus payment on a specific or agreed upon task. Consultants do not have to get other daily tasks done before they can start on the project nor do they have to deal with the politics of being in an office, attending meetings, answering phone calls, emails, etc. Also, hire a consultant as a specialist in a given area and achieve fast results when compared to a staff person first needs to educate themselves before completing the task.  Consultants arrive, work, and complete the job and typically get it done in one-fourth the amount of time or less.
  5. Consultants offer evidence of a good-faith effort.  During times of change or conflict, a consultant can serve as a mediator or “problem-solver.” When companies hire a consultant to fix a problem, it sends a message to employees of business priorities as well as a future direction.

PROFESSIONAL POINTER: We’ve seen a tendency in Human Resources that HR Professionals often get hired by non-HR professionals who believe their role is to “do everything” within HR.  This creates a difficult situation when confronted with the recommendation that a HR consultant become involved, management’s response is often “that’s what I hired you for”.

HR Professionals need to position the use of external consultants to management early in the process.  The reasons that make sense to involve a consultant in the process are very clearly outlined above.  Additionally, it is not a sign of weakness or lack of knowledge to involve a consultant, but rather, it may a more effective use of your time to put your resources in another area and let the consultant concentrate on their area of expertise.

Remember, HR is a huge field of knowledge with ever-changing laws and one person can’t possibly know it all!

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If you have a situation to share about ‘why hire a consultant’, we welcome your comments below.

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3 Responses to Why Hire a Consultant | Five Reasons Why Hiring Consultants Can Increase Profits

  1. Hazel Walker says:

    This is an excellent Article every HR Consultant should be reposting this on their sites. It is often said that consultants are often just unemployed professionals who are looking for jobs. Your article gives great credibility for those of us who choose to consult with companies on both a short and long term basis. Thanks again Victoia I know I will be reposting and referring to this article.

  2. Simon Smith says:

    Great article and a point well made. HR issues are ever changing and every business who employs people must have the right information to stay legal. Seeking expert advice and support from a consultant allows the business to be sure they stay within the law but it doesn’t remove them from their obligations as employers. Outsourcing to an HR consultant is certainly good practice and I recommend it to many of my clients as they develop their business.

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