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Now more than ever, payroll companies need to be aligned with a Human Resource partner that can provide non-payroll HR services to their clients.

If you wonder why, simply read Paychex’s recent announcement of their services which are targeted to the small business owner.  Their small business resource kit combines payroll with other essential Human Resource services such as an employee handbook, insurance planning, new hire forms, and recruitment support for hiring new employees.

According to Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO.  “The new small business resource kit is designed to make it easy and convenient for small business owners to access information and tools they need to start and grow their company.”

Now this question may sound self-serving and promotional (which it is), If you are a payroll service bureau, do you have a partner which provides quality Human Resource services that are cost effective for clients so you don’t worry about losing customers to the competition?  If not, we’d like to be considered for the job.

Who are we?
Visit our website for more information, our blog to read the type of expertise we provide to clients like yours, or HRKnowledgeBaseTM our store to discover the types of products we have available for immediate purchase or to be bundled with your services.

After visiting our websites, you may find yourself thinking “perhaps we should talk”.  If this is the case, please contact Victoria Mavis so I can learn more about your company and services, and to see how we might provide expert Human Resource programs to increase your ability to compete with other payroll companies.

If you find we’re not a fit for your business strategy, we simply request that you pass the word along to others that we may be able to service.

The time is now to align with a Human Resource Expert to maintain or increase your client base in a highly competitive marketplace.

Best of luck for the remainder of 2012!

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